It’s amazing what’s possible with HTML5…

It’s amazing what’s possible with HTML5…

One of my friends recently pointed me in the direction of The Wilderness Downtown website which is an experimental collaboration between the The Arcade Fire (the popular music group) and Google. 

You simply enter the postcode of your house (ideally the one where you grew up for dramatic effect) and it will work its magic with Google Maps to create a high-tech music video featuring your house. It’s best viewed in Google Chrome and is quite extraordinary. If you are even remotely interested by HTML5 then you cannot help but be impressed by what they have accomplished.

For a complete breakdown of all the different things going on behind the scenes on this project you should check out their page on the Chrome Experiments website.

Some more excellent HTML5 examples:

Z-type – an HTML5 based spaced invaders style game.  Amazing to think that this doesn’t use Flash!

Radiohead music experiment – another music one that uses HTML5 and some clever JavaScript to trace out Thom Yorke’s face to the beat of the music.

20 Things I learned by Google – a nice looking introduction to the internet for the uninitiated.  Includes some excellent animations (all without flash!).

Google Gravity – a rather amusing physics based experiment on Google search.

Check back soon to see the results of our own HTML5 experiments!

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